Chima LEGO 2015: 70224 Tiger’s Mobile Command Block

We’re gonna start off with ┬ábecause it’s possibly one of my favorite out of the new bunch. The details of this giant, mobile command are great in the head of the lion right down to the tail with fire chi crystal and flames. When I say giant, I mean this thing is pretty huge. This command block is over 4 inches tall, 13 inches long, and 13 inches wide. The rotating tracks are definitely a plus and make this bad boy easier to run over anyone that comes between you and your Chi. Hidden disc shooters allow for a discreet attack along with the two hidden storage compartments to stash the two metallic tiger claw weapons that you’re given.

The two Tiger Pursuit Bikes allow for backup and gives your team a chance to split up to take them out individually. There are two adjustable ramps on the Command Block where the Pursuit Bikes sit and can drift off whenever necessary.

That’s not it! This is not only a beast of a vehicle, but it is also your communication base! Just detach the rear of your vehicle to convert it to a hi-tech base complete with computer panels and radar dish to plan out the perfect plan on attacking the Saber-tooth army to gain back your Chi.

See more details and purchase your very own Mobile Command Block here!

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