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Chima NXT Croc Anyone?


With programmable robots and student competitions, Lego is making “tinkering with machines cool again.  Many engineers and other creative dependent jobs have had their beginnings with a box of Legos. The Lego Chima line is another example of  making building fun! The NXT series has ignited an entirely different ballgame for legos. The programable NXT chips allow amazing movement and control. The question then has to be NXT Chima anyone?

Chicken Tribe in Legends of Chima?


In the  trailer for episodes 5-9 of the new Chima Lego series there is a guy dressed in a chicken suit. The Lego Community seems to be buzzing about it.  He can be found in the trailer as it pans though the Crocodile swamp. One reader suggested a new Chicken Tribe is coming!  So what do you think about the chicken that Sam8432 has discovered?   Is it just a bunch of Croc?

Legends of Chima Lego DVD


Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video have teamed up  to announce another  DVD video release of the Legends of Chima Lego sensation. The January 28th release of Lego’s Legends of Chima – Season 1, Pt 1: The Lion, The Crocodile and the Power of Chi! This 2-DVD set has 10 episodes, plus special features which are still being finalized, for $19.97 SRP.



LegoLand Florida launches The Quest for CHI Mania



As many of you know  LEGOLAND® Florida was pretty jacked about their  opening of The LEGO® World of Chima recently launched by Cartoon Network.  World of Chima hit the spotlight area with an awesoeme interactive rides and attractions for everyone. The park opened July 3, with this wildly popular centerpiece attraction, The Quest for CHI, highlights an interactive water ride where guests will set off on a super Chima adventure.

The coolest part of it all is getting on the chima tricked out raft and engaging in battle with other boats. All of this of course is wrapped in the Chi theme.  I am thinking if Disney is smart they would saddle up super star in the front lobby and roll out some lego building 101 for the many enthusiastic Chima fans out there!!  Merry Christmas to all our brick building friends out there!!