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New Year, New Chima!


It’s almost the new year and everyone is excited about the 2014 Legend of Chima Legos as well as the TV show itself! There are many rumors out there as to the shows storyline and how the Lego sets will look but we can never know for sure until they are officially out for all the Chima Fans! It is said that there will be many legend beasts added to the set such as the Lion legend beast, Eagle, Wolf, and many more. Many people are suggesting that Lego create a minifigure for Cragger and Crooler‘s mother. We do not know for sure whether there will be a minifig for her or not but we are very excited to find out! The Lego sets have been out in the UK since December 26th and have been selling like hot cakes, so they have to be good! There are many Bat, Scorpion, Rhinos, and Spider sets to be released here in the United States.

Legends of Chima Lego DVD


Cartoon Network and Warner Home Video have teamed up  to announce another  DVD video release of the Legends of Chima Lego sensation. The January 28th release of Lego’s Legends of Chima – Season 1, Pt 1: The Lion, The Crocodile and the Power of Chi! This 2-DVD set has 10 episodes, plus special features which are still being finalized, for $19.97 SRP.



The Day After Christmas


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! All of the happy kids are playing with their legos, building Cragger’s Command Ship on their bedroom floor.

If you didn’t get your kid a Chima Lego set, it’s never too late! The Chima Legos Shop is always open for business, offering our customers the best deals on all of the best Chima sets! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at our post where we compare prices with Toys-R-Us, Target, and Wal-Mart. We’ve got the best prices around!

I got all three of my nephews Legends of Chima Legos. Honestly, they didn’t even know what Legends of Chima was until they saw their gift! Now they’re all over it. They’ve built their sets and have them ready for battle with Legends of Chima TV show on the television. The kids really love putting these together and the cool minifigures that come with it are always fun to play with.

Like I said, it’s never too late to give your child the fun he/she deserves!

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Legends of Chima 4D movie in Lego Land California


This 12 minute movie is packed full of adventure and fun for everyone in the family. Experience the battle for the powerful Chi between two princes, Laval of the Lion Tribe and Cragger of the Crocodile Tribe, through the great technology of a 4D movie. You and your family will travel the great world of Chima through a gigantic screen, moving seats, realistic sounds, and more! With 4D, it’s possible that it’s viewers may be sprayed with water, shot with air, and many other effects. The animating team for Legend of Chima TV series is the same team creating this 4D movie.

Watch the trailer

LegoLand Florida launches The Quest for CHI Mania



As many of you know  LEGOLAND® Florida was pretty jacked about their  opening of The LEGO® World of Chima recently launched by Cartoon Network.  World of Chima hit the spotlight area with an awesoeme interactive rides and attractions for everyone. The park opened July 3, with this wildly popular centerpiece attraction, The Quest for CHI, highlights an interactive water ride where guests will set off on a super Chima adventure.

The coolest part of it all is getting on the chima tricked out raft and engaging in battle with other boats. All of this of course is wrapped in the Chi theme.  I am thinking if Disney is smart they would saddle up super star in the front lobby and roll out some lego building 101 for the many enthusiastic Chima fans out there!!  Merry Christmas to all our brick building friends out there!!



Legends of Chima Speedorz Game

Speedorz Android mobile game

In this Android mobile game, the player battles against the best Speedor racers through different courses in Chima. Unlock new challenges, characters, and Speedorz by winning races against your opponents such as Cragger, Eglor, or other famous Chima characters. Capture Chi orbs during the race to boost your Speedor and collect Lego studs to buy new, fast, and improved Speedorz. While your Speedor is boosted through the Chi you capture, you are also invincible and can blast through items like crates. Battle your way through the different Speedor Tournaments: The Tribal Cup, The Royal Cup, and The Super Cup!

This app is only available on Android and is rated 4.2 out of 5 by it’s players.

ChimaLegos Prices VS Other Prices

Best Price on Laval Royal Fighter 70005  is not Walmart but @ ChimaLegos!!

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comA friend of mine went to Walmart the other day to pick up a Legends of Chima Lego set. He ended up getting the Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005 for $49.99! I immediately told him to return it and save his money. He bought from and ended up getting the Laval Royal Fighter 70005 ($31.99) AND the Wakz Pack Tracker 70004 ($17.99) for the same price he would’ve spent at Walmart for only one item.. PLUS he saved 5 cents for his piggy bank. That’s about an $18 difference between Walmarts Royal Fighter and‘s Royal Fighter. It’s crazy how much Walmart charged him for that single Chima Lego set.

Target Chima Lego Prices

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comTarget is selling Laval’s Royal Fighter for $34.49. You can save $2.50 with You can get two sodas with that! Put it in your piggy bank! Buy some gumballs! Buy two songs from iTunes! Go get two double cheeseburgers from McDonalds! Go donate that $2.50 to a charity and help save the world!




Toys-R-Us Chima Lego Prices

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comI hate to say it, but even Toys-R-Us charges more for the set! They charge $39.99 for this item. Just for fun, let’s do that calculation to see how much you can save with


I think you get what I’m trying to say here..



Lion Tribe

Laval, prince of the Lion Tribe

Laval is the main protagonist in Legends of Chima and the son of Lagravis

The Lion Tribe is governed by elders. Chi is distributed by the Lions and maintain the Sacred Pool of CHI. Their theme colors are orange, yellow, brown, and tan. Once a lion is old enough, they are given a katar (similar to a katana) which symbolizes their future strength and wisdom. The first two indestructible weapons made by CHI are owned by them and is passed down through royalty. Learn more about the Lion Tribe.

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chi orb, ancient pool of chi

An orb from the Ancient Pool of CHI.

The natural resource called CHI is very powerful. Whoever possess it has the ability to create or destroy. If the it is misused, Chima may go down in ruins. There are only a few brave heroes who seek to keep this great resource out of the wrong hands. The Lions were the first to drink from the Ancient Pool of Chi and thus were sworn protectors of it. The Lions had always been reliable and fair with the use of the Chi, sharing with everyone. The Crocodiles, however, opened conflict with them. All animals throughout Chima heavily relied on it’s orbs to power gear, vehicles, and even themselves. Crocodile Prince Cragger knew the Lions were innocent. His sister, Crooler, hypnotized Cragger and declared war against the Lions. The fate of CHIMA is in great danger.