chi orb, ancient pool of chi

An orb from the Ancient Pool of CHI.

The natural resource called CHI is very powerful. Whoever possess it has the ability to create or destroy. If the it is misused, Chima may go down in ruins. There are only a few brave heroes who seek to keep this great resource out of the wrong hands. The Lions were the first to drink from the Ancient Pool of Chi and thus were sworn protectors of it. The Lions had always been reliable and fair with the use of the Chi, sharing with everyone. The Crocodiles, however, opened conflict with them. All animals throughout Chima heavily relied on it’s orbs to power gear, vehicles, and even themselves. Crocodile Prince Cragger knew the Lions were innocent. His sister, Crooler, hypnotized Cragger and declared war against the Lions. The fate of CHIMA is in great danger.

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