ChimaLegos Prices VS Other Prices

Best Price on Laval Royal Fighter 70005  is not Walmart but @ ChimaLegos!!

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comA friend of mine went to Walmart the other day to pick up a Legends of Chima Lego set. He ended up getting the Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005 for $49.99! I immediately told him to return it and save his money. He bought from and ended up getting the Laval Royal Fighter 70005 ($31.99) AND the Wakz Pack Tracker 70004 ($17.99) for the same price he would’ve spent at Walmart for only one item.. PLUS he saved 5 cents for his piggy bank. That’s about an $18 difference between Walmarts Royal Fighter and‘s Royal Fighter. It’s crazy how much Walmart charged him for that single Chima Lego set.

Target Chima Lego Prices

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comTarget is selling Laval’s Royal Fighter for $34.49. You can save $2.50 with You can get two sodas with that! Put it in your piggy bank! Buy some gumballs! Buy two songs from iTunes! Go get two double cheeseburgers from McDonalds! Go donate that $2.50 to a charity and help save the world!




Toys-R-Us Chima Lego Prices

Save your money with ChimaLegos.comI hate to say it, but even Toys-R-Us charges more for the set! They charge $39.99 for this item. Just for fun, let’s do that calculation to see how much you can save with


I think you get what I’m trying to say here..



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