Crocodile Tribe


Current King of the Crocodile TribeCragger‘s weapon is the Vengdulize, a double sided chainsaw with humongous blades. This is a big upgrade from his last weapon, a one sided wooden sword. The Vengious is a one sided version of the Vengdulize, which was used in the Ultimate Speedor Tournament. Laval and him grew up being best friends until they discovered the Pool of Chi. It was required to be of age in order to use the energy of Chi but Cragger’s curiosity wouldn’t let him leave until he placed an orb in his chest. He goes in a second time and is caught by the lions. Cragger sets off a flair and begins a war between the two tribes. During the war, his parents fall off a cliff, leaving Cragger to be king. He never recovered from the experience of the ultimate power of chi he was given at the young age. Check out Cragger’s Command Ship!


Main antagonist of Legends of Chima, sister of CraggerShe is the main antagonist of the Legends of Chima. Crooler manipulates Cragger into his evil actions. Her and Cragger are twins, Cragger being only a few seconds older. She concealed a spray in a flower in order to control Cragger’s thoughts to declare war on the Lions for the Chi. In reality, it is she who rules the Crocodiles, not Cragger. All of her evil comes from her experience as a child. She was always blamed for anything that happened to Cragger.






King of Crocodile Tribe before he diedHe is the King of the Crocodile Tribe before he falls off a cliff with Queen Crunket. Crominus never really liked the Lion Tribe but he was wise enough to stay out of trouble with them. After falling into the sinkhole with their tank, Cragger becomes the new ruler.






Queen of Crocodile Tribe in Legends of ChimaDuring the battle against the Lions, her and her husband, Crominus, fell into a sinkhole, allowing Cragger to become King and accusing the Lion tribe of killing his parents.








Cragger's main manHe is Cragger’s lead man. Crug is very obedient and can put up a good fight. Whatever Cragger commands him to do, he’ll do it, no matter what the cost.










Fierce soldier of the Crocodile TribeHe is a hyper, quick, nervous crocodile who uses his tail as a weapon, whipping opponents and trapping them with it’s sharp scales. Crawley and Crug are Craggers best soldiers.

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