LEGO Chima Laval Torch and Nightlight


Now many of us, including myself, are scared of the dark! No one likes to be left in the dark. You can’t see a thing! You feel unsafe! You need someone to keep you safe! A lion, perhaps? How about a great, brave Lion warrior who goes by the name of Laval? The Prince of the Lion tribe! He and his torch will light up your room and keep you safe as you fall asleep to dream about yourself being the holder of all Chi!

This wonderful nightlight is for sale at Chima Legos for $38.57!

Laval will not only keep your room lit as you fall asleep, but he is also energy efficient! The light will turn off within 30 minutes of being turned on.

The Laval figure is also detachable from it’s base, allowing for some fun before bed, or a buddy to rest with.

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