Lion Tribe


Laval, prince of the Lion TribeLaval is the main protagonist of Chima and is also the prince of the Lion Tribe. He is the son of Lagravis and is best friends with Cragger. Their relationship is affected when Cragger discovers the powerful effects of Chi, causing the Lion and Crocodile tribes to battle. As Laval is placing Chi in his chest for the first time at his ceremony, the Lion Chi Temple is attacked by the Crocodiles, Wolves, and Ravens. Laval chases the new king of the Crocodiles, Cragger, on a Speedor and dualed with him, not realizing it was Cragger. Laval is skilled in Speedorz tournaments. Though he is expected to be a warrior on the field, he is rather playful.



Elderly king of Lion Tribe in Legends of ChimaLagravis is the elderly king of the Lion Tribe. Laval is his son. He was present at Laval’s aging ceremony. The Lions were outnumbered when the Lion Chi Temple was attacked and Lagravis was killed.







Driver and Vehicle expert for Lion TribeLennox is a driver and vehicle expert for the Lion Tribe. He is in Episode 4 of The Legend of Chima, riding his Speedor from Cragger’s Command Ship.








Member of the Lion Tribe of ChimaHe gets his name from his long teeth. He is an elder but refused to be a tribal leader to stay in the action of the battlefield. Rather than being a part of the action, Longtooth likes to talk about it.









Soldier and guard of Lion Tribe in ChimaHe is a foot soldier and guard for the Lion Tribe. Leonidas is obedient to his elders and very efficient as long as you don’t confuse him by giving him more than one task. He’s not the brightest of the Lion Tribe.



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