The Day After Christmas


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! All of the happy kids are playing with their legos, building Cragger’s Command Ship on their bedroom floor.

If you didn’t get your kid a Chima Lego set, it’s never too late! The Chima Legos Shop is always open for business, offering our customers the best deals on all of the best Chima sets! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at our post where we compare prices with Toys-R-Us, Target, and Wal-Mart. We’ve got the best prices around!

I got all three of my nephews Legends of Chima Legos. Honestly, they didn’t even know what Legends of Chima was until they saw their gift! Now they’re all over it. They’ve built their sets and have them ready for battle with Legends of Chima TV show on the television. The kids really love putting these together and the cool minifigures that come with it are always fun to play with.

Like I said, it’s never too late to give your child the fun he/she deserves!

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